EA Sports Active

EA Sports Active is the new game from EA Sports. It is made exclusively for Wii console. It is reaction on the product Wii Fit from Nintendo.
What to say about it? I think this Wii Fit killer we were waiting for whole year. I think Wii Fit is a great product, but event it is very good, after daily usage you find it sometime still the same. New games are found for the first month, but after this it is the same. I do not say this will not be the same with EA Sports Active, but at least there are more varieties of excersizes. And currently, it is brand new, with better graphics, Miis are substituted with more adult looking characters. You can choose your character at the start of usage EA Sports Active and start your 30 days challenge. 30 days challenge will let give you every day set of excersizes, which you can do in 30 minutes. Every new activity is introduced with video preview with your instructor (female or male). In the lower right corner you can see him/her also during excersizing to show you how to excersise. If you do not like to do any challenges, you can choose some workouts you like and create a program for your own. You can also insert into program some your lifestyle data (number of sweet drinks last day, number of hours you spend watching TV last day or time of your sports activities). You will give some advices about your lifestyle if you fill this survey. During every activity on EA Sports Activity you can also see on TV number of callories you spend during workout.

What you will find in a nice orange box? DVD with program, of course ;) . Resistence band for usage especially for upper body excersises. Leg strap especially for lower body excersises. You will not find there Wii Ballance Board, box is too small for it ;) , but if you have it from Wii Fit, you can also use it for some excersises, game will ask you about it.

Everything sounds perfect. Are there any problems?
You can do some excersises with your partner, it is great challenge. But you will not find second resistance band and leg strap in the package. You can buy it for extra money, that is shame, but I understand EA wanted to hold basic package price as low as possible. On the other hand you can buy some unofficial version of these tools or do it yourself.
Second day I had a problem with navigation in EA Sports Active menu, Wii Remote jumped to side and you can not push the right button. This was probably caused by incorrect neutral position of nunchak, as it is described on the first page of booklet. After reset with holding A,B,+,- for three seconds, it disappeared.

But these small problems do nothing against the fact, that EA Sports Active is an american response on Wii Fit. More games for Wii like this.

If you like Wii Fit, you will love EA Sports Active.

Game rating: 9+/10

EA Sports Active

EA Sports Active Pack

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